Today it’s hard to look around
We’re always so busy
Living in our own time and world
We forget to look deeply
and live the present moment

Sometimes we just want to escape
To get thrilled by a sunset
To walk around nature
To feel energized

There’s colour around us
Even in the dark
Be present(e)


Berndnaut Smilde

Alberto Blumenschein
Annegret Kellner
Camila Simas
Carol Luck
Daniela Ruiz
Fernanda Baffa
Gabo Gesualdi
Gabriel Giacomini
Henri Honda
Joana Dambrós
Karen Rozenbaum
Ligia Giatti
Lívia Araujo
Mariana Cobra
Victor Mendizabal


Praça da Bandeira, Downtown, SP

A spot of convergence: two major avenues, one of the biggest bus stations of the city, surrounded by public, commercial, residential and occupied buildings. This is the landscape that has been specially chosen to be the canvas for a natural-artificial creation.

The projection was made from Red Bull Station, a former power station that was transformed into a cultural space focused on experimental projects. 


Created to materialize the memory of the experience and give a gift to the city and the people that have been at the event.